Why You Should Order Your Graphic T-Shirts In Bulk

Why You Should Order Your Graphic T-Shirts In Bulk

Why You Should Order Your Graphic T-Shirts In Bulk

Ordering graphic tees in bulk has advantages you may not have considered

If part of your business’s advertising strategy includes giving away custom tee shirts, you may want to consider wholesale printing.

What is wholesale printing?

The term refers to ordering large quantities of printed tee shirts.

Yes, ordering in bulk is an investment but it also comes with a few benefits.

Here’s a look at why wholesale tshirt printing might be the right choice for your business.


Less Expensive Overall


Okay, you are right. The bulk price is higher than what you pay for a few custom tee shirts.

However, you are probably going to need more than three or four shirts and this is when you notice the savings.

Buying in bulk costs less per unit. The higher the volume (number of t-shirts) the lower the price per shirt.

You also save on shipping. Bulk shipping is significantly less expensive than spending a few packages at a time.

The money you save on wholesale tshirt printing can go back into your marketing budget.


High-Profit Margin


You are always looking for ways to increase your profit margin, however, keeping expenses down can be challenging.

Buying bulk custom shirts is an easy way to help keep expenses down.

The shirts come at a lower-than-average price and you can sell them at a price that gets you a high net profit.

Worried about the shirts sitting on the shelves? You can pass some of your savings on to the customer. Placing the shirts on sale is a great way to advertise your brand.


Saves Time


Ordering bulk shirts saves time so you can concentrate on more pressing tasks, like running a business.

You only have to pick the shirt style and color, along with deciding on the design only once.

Not only are you saving time, but ordering a larger number of tee shirts also helps ensure you don’t run out of stock.


Always in Stock


Something customers hate hearing is an item they want is out of stock. Running out of a popular item is never a good thing for businesses.

Customers leave disappointed, frustrated, and occasionally angry. You may lose customers and your brand can suffer from negative reviews.

Don’t panic! You can prevent these common business problems by ordering bulk custom t-shirts. With plenty of stock, you can keep customers happy.


Should Your Business Order T-Shirts in Bulk


Almost any business will benefit from ordering tee shirts in bulk. You can give the shirts to employees and as promotional gifts to customers. You can also sell the T-shirts.

Sports teams can also benefit. The shirts are great for promoting teams off the field. Players can give the branded tees to family and fans. Boosters can sell the shirts to raise funds for the team.

Schools often use custom tee shirts to promote their brand. The shirts advertise the school every time parents, faculty, staff, and students wear them around town.

Whatever your business, you may want to consider ordering t-shirts in bulk.