Top 4 Most Evil Missions in Grand Theft Auto

Top 4 Most Evil Missions in Grand Theft Auto

Top 4 Most Evil Missions in Grand Theft Auto


Let’s dive into the dark side of the Grand Theft Auto series, developed by Rockstar Company. We’ve scoured the series to find the most twisted, cruel, and downright chilling missions in GTA’s history.

The Darkest Missions in GTA Account

GTA is known for its edgy and thrilling missions, and we’ve picked out a few that really push the boundaries. These missions are challenging and packed with excitement. For those playing with GTA modded accounts, these tasks might seem easier due to the extra features they offer.

Some of the most malevolent missions in Grand Theft Auto V include:

“Deconstruction” from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004)

In this mission, Carl takes matters into his own hands after learning that Kendi was harassed by construction workers. His revenge? Using a bulldozer to demolish their portable huts. But the real shocker comes when Carl traps a worker in a portable toilet and encases it in cement, burying the man alive to teach them a lesson.

“Flatliner” from Grand Theft Auto: China Wars (2009)

This mission is notorious for its unexpected twists. Huang is tasked with helping a club owner’s friend, Uri, recently released for medical reasons. After stealing an ambulance, Huang discovers that Uri’s release is related to his heart condition. In a shocking turn, Uri stabs and removes the heart of his old accomplice, a grim and ironic twist to the mission.

“Friend Request” from Grand Theft Auto V (2013)

Here, Michael becomes an unwitting tool in a diabolical scheme masterminded by Lester. The plot involves assassinating Jay Norris, the founder of LifeInvader. The mission is notorious for its explosive ending, which could have been avoided with a less lethal approach. Whether you’re using a GTA 5  modded account or not, the evil nature of this mission remains the same.

“By The Book” from Grand Theft Auto V (2013)

This mission sparked much controversy upon its release. It features a disturbing torture scene where the player, controlling Trevor, must decide how to torture a helpless victim. The choices range from electric shocks to tooth extraction, making this one of the most chilling and debated missions in the GTA series. This mission is certainly not for the faint of heart.

These missions showcase the darker, more sinister elements of the GTA series, blending moral ambiguity with intense gameplay.