The Rise of Ignorant Style Tattoos

The Rise of Ignorant Style Tattoos

The Rise of Ignorant Style Tattoos

The Rise of Ignorant Style Tattoos

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in a style of tattoo that looks careless and rebellious. You may have seen the hashtag floating around on socials #ignorantstyletattoo. These designs are often made via stick and poke or handpoke tattoo techniques, but can also be done with a traditional machine. These DIY tattoos have been growing in popularity, previously this type of low-entry tattooing was only associated with punks and even prisoners, though now this has become a subculture in itself, appealing to skaters, alternative types but also mainstream culture, particularly in the West.

So what exactly is it about this sketchy aesthetic of tattooing that is so appealing? Well, the rise of ignorant style tattoos can be attributed to a bunch of different factors, including minimalist fashion, and the desire for more personal self-expression.

Let’s look into this a little further…

Ignorant Tattoos Go Against Mainstream Tattoo Styles

Whilst highly detailed tattoos that are professionally done are super impressive, you don’t see as many around nowadays, and that’s because the trend has changed over the years. For a lot of people who are going for a certain vibe, these highly impressive works tend to look a little serious or on the nose, which doesn’t exactly communicate a chill or laid-back look, like these handpoke tattoos.

These days, the cool kids (still over 18s 😅) are all about ignorant-looking tattoos. In contrast to highly skilled work, stick and pokes offer a certain charm of imperfection. You could compare this to the rise of modern art and how realism dropped off in popularity. Of course, there is still an audience for all types of tattooing – but this trend is undeniable.’

Famous Ignorant Style Tattoos

A huge factor in the rise of this trend has got to be down to celebrities and influencers rocking some ignorant style tattoos. This has shown the world that you can get weird and playful designs because, at the end of the day, we are only here for a minute.

Of course, there are obvious examples such as Post Malone, the rapper with cartoon characters and even face tattoos. But looking further than this into other genres that are more accessible, artists like Miley Cyrus and even Cara Delevigne of Hollywood have got some ignorant style tattoos. 

This just goes to show that the ignorant style is universal and can be appreciated by different people in life. Fashion trends come and go of course, as we are experiencing a 90s and even a 00s revival (already!), there has been a growing number of tattoo artists getting busy with tribal, and we never thought we’d see the day. Though, when it comes to ignorant-style tattoos, they tend to be timeless because they are so personal.

A playful-looking tattoo tells people that the person wearing it doesn’t care and that it represents a moment in their life that’s worth remembering. So, it almost doesn’t even come down to taste, because nobody can argue with that. Therefore, ignorant style tattoos are kinda universal and will always stand up to temporary fashion trends.

The History of Handpoke Tattooing

It’s worth keeping in mind, especially if you’re thinking about getting one – that hand poke tattooing has a long history that spans across different cultures. This manual tattoo process has been used by different cultures for thousands of years. In fact, the practice of tattooing, in general, has been found in many ancient civilisations such as Egyptians, Greeks, and Polynesians, with each group having their own unique style and techniques.

In ancient times, tattoos were often used for spiritual or ceremonial purposes, as well as for marking social status or rank. The hand poke method, specifically, has been used by many indigenous cultures, such as the Maori of New Zealand and the Ainu of Japan. In these cultures, tattoos were often used to mark important milestones or to tell stories. Whilst this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get one – it’s always good to be mindful of other cultures. Particularly when it comes to choosing a design, do a bit of research about the design and consider potential interpretations by other people.

Ignorant Style Does Not Mean Ignorant Hygiene

The appeal of ignorant tattoos may be the imperfect appearance and nonchalance of the design, but it’s important to remember that safety should never be taken lightly. Even though these tattoos may look more sketchy, they should still be tattooed by a professional artist who has experience with health and safety in tattooing. Whilst technically, yes a needle + ink does leave a mark, there is a lot more that must be considered if you don’t want to risk blood-borne diseases and infections. After all, tattoos are literally a wound and there is a real risk of running into these problems if the artist doesn’t know what they’re doing.

There is of course an appeal to literally Do It Yourself, and no doubt you’ve seen a bunch of people doing this on social media, we recommend not going down this route, despite how inspired you may be – and go and see a professional, even for small tattoos that feel a little silly. You can book a few at once which will help make the most of the session and keep costs down (as there tends to be a minimum for setting up the equipment).

Plus, a professional tattoo artist who specialises in ignorant style tattoos will also have better designs. Contrary to what you might initially think about ignorant designs, they do take some work to get right. Otherwise, you might end up with something cringe or try hard, or just a bit rubbish.

There’s a Style for Everyone

We hope that this has been inspiring for you. Whether you’re into intricate and highly designed tattoos or quick and silly ones, it’s cool to see how this type of aesthetic is becoming more and more popular. Let us know what style of tattooing you like!