Ladies know that having a night out with the girls can create great memories, offer a relaxing night, and offer you a brand new experience. For the perfect night out, Denver, Colorado, is where you need to be. Providing everything from Painting events to country clubs, Denver knows how to show you a good time. 

Painting With A Twist

If you require a fun night out and learning a new skill, this is perfect for you. They have multiple events that you can check out, including All You Can Drink night, and they let you choose the supplies you want to paint on. Are you a fan of country chic? You can paint it on wood. Are you looking for something more designer? Use the canvas for a perfect addition to your home. Enjoy wine and drinks from the bar as you paint a masterpiece and enjoy a night out of the house!  Painting With A Twist also lets you bring your snacks in case you get hungry. It’s the perfect way to experience something new and different while having a night of fun!

Upstairs Circus

While it may not be known as other avenues in Denver, this is one of the most fun. It’s a social bar where you and your friends can gather together to design art projects together. They give you professional help on what to do and all of the supplies you need to create something beautiful with a circus theme. The circus isn’t just for little ones. It’s for adults to enjoy and experience as well. You can drink beer and cocktails as you create, and it’s been open for six years as an original maker bar. The best part? Not all of the crafts are super feminine. If you are looking to make something for your husbands, there are projects there too. Join the fun, relax and enjoy mimosas with the girls!

Experience The Night Life

With the business and structure we all face on a daily basis, it can be fun to let go and enjoy some time away. Ladies’ night is a great way to catch up with friends you don’t always get to see. It can also be the perfect way to make new lifelong friendships. Come out and experience the fun for yourself and you will see that creation and crafting can be a great way to discover a talent for creating something beautiful!