Erectile Dysfunction and nitric oxide

Erectile Dysfunction and nitric oxide

Erectile Dysfunction and nitric oxide

Erectile Dysfunction is a pretty common male sexual issue which can be defined by the constant inability to obtain and sustain sufficient erections necessary to perform sexual intercourse. Many underlying factors can lead to Erectile Dysfunction and lack of nitric oxide is one of the major ones. In this article, we will discuss about the importance of nitric oxide in generating erections in more details.

Importance of nitric oxide in erections

Nitric oxide is a fundamental component of the erection process in men, as it is responsible for the relaxation of corpora cavernosa muscles. It’s pretty widely documented that nitric oxide relaxes the muscles of corpora cavernosa and dilates blood vessels in the penis. These processes enable blood flow to increase in the penile tissues and ultimately result in an erection. This is why when the level of nitric oxide decreases in the body, it gets increasingly difficult to obtain and maintain a strong erection.

Other causes of ED

Erectile Dysfunction has a number of underlying causes. Different men may suffer from ED due to different reasons. Let’s take a look at some of the more common ED causes.

Ageing: Ageing is probably the most common cause of ED around world. As men age, they start to face difficulties to obtain a strong erection. That’s why most ED patients around the world happen to be older in age. There are a number of reasons why older men are more vulnerable to this issue. However, there is no guarantee that every man will suffer from ED as they age.

Diabetes: Diabetes is also a major cause of ED in men. Studies have found that men with diabetes are more vulnerable to suffer from ED than others. Diabetes is responsible for the damage in the blood vessels, which can impair blood flow in the penile tissues.

Hypertension: Hypertension or high blood pressure damages the blood vessels and arteries that supply blood to the penile tissues. Due to damaged blood vessels and arteries, blood flow in the penis can get severely hampered. This is why, many men around the world who suffer from high blood pressure, also suffer from Erectile Dysfunction.

Obesity: Obesity is a major issue in modern world, as the number of obese people is in the rise. Obesity can also damage the blood vessels and hinder the blood flow in the penis.

Lack of Sex Drive: Lack of sexual urge can make it difficult for any men to achieve strong erection. If there is not enough sexual desire, the brain may not send adequate signal to the penis and the erection process may get hampered in the process. Testosterone hormone regulates the sexual urge in men and a lack of enough testosterone hormone can cause low libido or decreased sex drive.

Stress or Anxiety: To achieve strong erection, a man has to have a sound mind as well. A calm and relaxed mind helps men to get their penis erected more easily. Issues like stress, anxiety or depression destroy such peace of mind and can make it increasingly difficult for any men to obtain erection.

Nerve Damage: Accidents or penile injuries can cause nerve damage in the penis, which can also make it extremely hard for a man to get his penis erected. Because damaged penile nerves can impair proper blood flow within the penis.


How to increase the nitric oxide level

If the nitric oxide level is low, then it can be increased by following some steps. Any men can increase his nitric oxide level by exercising regularly and eating particular foods. Researchers have shown that men who exercise regularly inherit a higher level of nitric oxide in their bodies. Exercises like walking, running, swimming, climbing etc can be of great use in this scenario. Also, certain food intake can increase the nitric oxide level. Foods that have high-quality protein such as fish, beef and egg can increase the nitric oxide level of the body. Also, green leafy vegetables such as spinach, radishes, Chinese cabbage, lettuce, parsley etc can also be very beneficial in increasing nitric oxide level. Some foods like dark chocolate, beetroot juice, garlic and citrus fruits can enhance the production of nitric oxide as well. You can also maintain a healthy nitric oxide level by reducing stress, trying to breath through the nose and avoiding antibacterial mouthwash. It may sound unrealistic at first, but some researchers have found out that antibacterial mouthwash can decrease the nitrate level and in turn the level of nitric oxide.


Nitric oxide supplements that can help

You can also increase your nitric oxide level by taking certain supplements. Supplements like L-arginine and L-citrulline are the most commonly consumed nitric oxide supplements. These supplements can boost your nitric oxide level and aid in other bodily functions as well. For example, these supplements can help you to improve your capability to obtain strong erection, may reduce muscle soreness, can reduce blood pressure and can boost your exercise performance. Some nitric oxide supplements can aid in managing type-2 diabetes in some men.


Treatments of ED

There are a wide range of ED treatments available to aid men in this scenario. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Oral Medications: Oral medicines like PDE-5 inhibitors such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are the most commonly prescribed ED medications around the world. These medicines boost the blood flow in the penile tissues and aid men in getting strong erection. But these medications can have a number of negative side-effects. That’s why, it’s best to consult with an experienced medical professional before taking these medicines.

Vacuum Pumps: Vacuum pumps for Erectile Dysfunction is also pretty effective in treating ED. It’s a non-invasive method and patients can use these pumps in their home all on their own. Through this process a pump is used to create suction in the penis which draws blood into the penile tissues and facilitate erection. A constriction ring is then utilized to keep that erection for longer period of time.

Managing Stress: Management of psychological factors such as stress, anxiety or depression can also aid some men hugely in getting over Erectile Dysfunction. To manage such psychological issues, patients can undergo counselling or sex therapy.

Management of Underlying Health Issues: If health issues like diabetes, hypertension or obesity are the causes of ED, then effective management of these conditions can be extremely beneficial in treating ED. But if more permanent damage is done due to such issues, then just effective management of these conditions may not be enough.

Shockwave Therapy: Shockwave therapy is a relatively new ED treatment which utilizes special acoustic waves to Improve the blood flow in the penis and generate new blood vessels. Shockwave therapy is also capable of breaking down the plaques in the penis. It is a non-invasive treatment procedure and has no major side-effects. This therapy is also capable in producing long-term benefit.

Penile Implant: Penile implant is considered as the last resort and only then it is suggested when all other traditional treatments fail. It is an invasive procedure. But penile implant does have some major side-effects. Moreover, with penile implant men can’t obtain natural erection.


Effectiveness of shockwave therapy

Shockwave therapy for ED is a completely non-invasive procedure and requires no downtime and surgical process whatsoever. Many recent studies have shown the effectiveness of shockwave therapy in treating ED. According to MansMatters, a men’s health clinic based in London, UK, shockwave therapy is probably the best ED treatment anyone can get right now. Moreover, the effectiveness of shockwave therapy can be further increased by using it in conjunction with another non-invasive therapy called EMTT therapy.


Consequences of ED

Erectile Dysfunction can have some major consequences on the life of a man. It can hinder a man’s ability to have satisfactory sex with his partner. Due to the lack of sexual satisfaction, relationship issues can also start to appear. Moreover, many men with ED suffer from immense stress, anxiety and depression. These psychological factors can in turn damage the general well-being of those men.



So, Erectile Dysfunction can be a very troublesome issue for most men and if left untreated and unaddressed, many men may not be able to enjoy satisfactory sex life. But thankfully, lots of effective treatment procedures are available to aid men in this unfortunate situation.