Do You Need In Home Physical Therapy?

Do You Need In Home Physical Therapy?

Do You Need In Home Physical Therapy?

Do You Need In Home Physical Therapy?

When you receive decentralized healthcare, such as physical therapy at home, you’ll gain innumerable benefits. Not only is care at home less expensive, it supports home-based and community-based initiatives. 

To accelerate healing and experience successful outcomes, physical therapy must expand its reach. This can happen when home care is included in the treatment plan. This type of treatment model supports increased savings and makes treating an injury or condition safer and more practical.

Benefiting from In Home Physical Therapy: How It Can Help You

The following benefits will give more insight about the advantages associated with in home physical therapy. Once you review the advantages, you will be convinced that this treatment option is both cost-effective and sensible.

Slip and fall prevention

Everyone falls down sometimes, but when a fall happens because of a physical impairment, it can place you in a vulnerable position. 

Fortunately, home PT care can help people get better at walking or in getting in and out of bed.

This can be particularly important for stroke patients or those who have undergone surgery that has changed their mobility. 

Balance training

To decrease falls, at-home physical therapists have more time to address balance issues. Balance training can help people with neurological conditions, like Parkinson’s Disease or Multiple Sclerosis, become stronger neurologically so they have better balance control.

Post-surgical PT and bracing progression

Patients who have had surgery, particularly surgery that has caused mobility issues, often have important post-surgical goals that require home care. For example, after knee arthroscopy, patients can face significant milestones. 

In these cases, they may need to start using a walker or wheelchair. They will also need support so they can walk better and improve their gait.

People can heal more easily at home, especially if they’ve undergone joint surgery, a hip replacement, or are recovering from a stroke. It can be difficult trying to heal if you have to visit a clinic as well.

A vital part of long-term recovery

Physical rehabilitation, or physical therapy, can play a major part in the recovery process, both long- and short-term. 

Because home PT provides a convenient way to heal, it is an ideal treatment model to use for patients who wish to get back on their feet and regain movement and functioning at a faster pace.

Developing a Regular Exercise Routine

The benefits of physical activity are well documented, but they can be especially important to people with chronic impairments or pain. Therefore, at home PT care can be used to help people develop regular exercise routines.


Physical therapy is an important part of healing from an injury or surgery – getting people back to their pre-injury level of activity as quickly as possible. 

However, some people find it more convenient or easier to receive physical therapy at home. By taking this approach, many patients find that their rehabilitation is more comfortable and easier to follow.